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Eternal Star Society members have included GMCLA in their estate plans.  We are deeply grateful for their belief in us, and for their commitment to our future.  


Dick Albertson & Wayne Kulie • Robert Allen Ames • Frederick Baumer • E. Kenneth Bennett & Richard P. Wagner • Thom Blackmore • Malcolm J. Blue • John Bowab • John A. Burnett, Jr. • James B. Cain • The Clarence E. Anderson Living Trust • Dan Delp & Fernando Katz • The Edmund Horn Family Trust • The Estate of Alexander V.N. Barney & Charles Murphy • The Estate of Garrett McClure • The Estate of John-Kelly Bray • The Estate of Martin Holmes • The Estate of Robert E. Tashjian • The Estate of Robert Gotham & The Estate of Michael Manuel • The Estate of Stanton M. Carr • The Estate of Steven Erenberg* • The Estate of William E. Trusten* • Richard J. Follett • James L. Geiger • Jonathan Graham • The James Avedikian Trust • Hugh Kennedy • Karl Knudsen • Larry Lewis* • Lynn Siegel Trust • Frank McKown • Rich Newcome & Mark Enos • The Robert Wood Trust • James Roman • Dick Sommers* • Karl Sowa & Tom Rieber • Lou Spisto • The Trust of Fred Madjar & Arthur Dennis • A. Lee Walkup • Warren L. Jones Loving Trust • David Wentworth • Chuck White* • LeAnn Zunich


If you are interested in making a planned gift to GMCLA, or for more information about the Eternal Star Society program, please contact Brian Tillis at (424) 453-3990 or

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