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Beverly Hills, CA

Testimonial from Daniel Pearl Magnet High School – Beverly Hills, CA #gmcla #itgetsbettertour

“Thank you so much for making the performance available to the students at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School. I thought the program had an excellent story arc, and I especially liked the mix of the songs — from popular numbers, to 80s new wave songs, to more classical numbers. It is also very impressive that one of the cast members contributed their own work to the production, and that the quality of the songs was seamless, so it speaks very highly of the talent of that singer/songwriter. I thought the actors stepping out of character to tell their personal stories was moving and brought the audience closer to the performance. It was the rare type of performance where you were able sense an emotional connection the audience had with particular material at critical moments.

Most striking to me however was the engagement and comfort of the young junior high school students who openly and politely seemed not only accepting but enjoying the material presented to them and will go on to be positively affected by experiencing the message of “It Gets Better.” I hope the GMCLA can make connections with our wonderful music program. In addition, a central mission of our school is to promote tolerance of all kinds, as our namesake Daniel Pearl worked to build unity and understanding. We will keep this project in mind as we build programs for our school in the future.

To read the story our newspaper students wrote about the field trip, click here

I will look to support the project in other ways and hope that the It Gets Better program grows and is able to reach more schools. I know many of our students at DPMHS were appreciative of the mix of message and entertainment.”


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