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Milwaukee, WI

Testimonials from Milwaukee, WI #gmcla #itgetsbettertour

“I write to confirm what everyone else at the Marcus Center this evening now knows: our show is fantastic, your performances stellar, your messages articulate, and your commitment to the humanity in all of us, including our LGBTQ youth, inspiring. I was so supremely honored to be among your audience—and also to participate with you and others at in the World Café event that you conducted on Saturday morning at Marquette University. Congratulations and best wishes as you continue with your critically important, life-redirecting work.”

“During the show as we sat waiting in the wings I thought “How can these guys just do the same show over an over? Where can they find their inspiration after doing it so much?” Then our time comes and we take our spot on stage. At one point, the main character looks around at all of us while we’re singing. So I’m singing I’m singing, and then as his gaze meets mine–now I’m crying I’m crying, and I’m singing and crying. Then the audience, while we’re still singing, spontaneously stands up and just starts applauding. It was a standing ovation in the middle of a show in the middle of a song. Those kinds of things don’t happen…ever. That was real and personal and intense connection for everybody in that room. That was the answer to my question.”

“I have to say the workshop this morning was stunning. God bless all of you for being strong enough to be there to allow them the chance to see that there is hope. I knew this week would be a powerful one for me, but I realize now that I am forever changed by this week. I really didn’t expect that.”

“Just a quick note to commend you on your efforts. I attended with two close friends. We drove 90 miles to see it. My best friend came there to support me as I am transgender and only within the last few years, have found the courage to explore my female side. We came with a young man, a former student of ours, who just came out as gay last summer. It was the first time either of them saw me as a woman and the first time we saw him since he came out. During the group songs at the end, he received over and hugged me and we shared tears. Your performance was all we hoped for. Peace to you all”


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