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Our final virtual performance for Pride Month!

For our final virtual performance celebrating Pride Month we are delighted to share the Road Home by Stephen Paulus sung exquisitely by GMCLA’s, Aftershock and led by our Music Director and Conductor Ernest H. Harrison. GMCLA member Lucio Maramba produced the video (and audio) beautifully with assistance from Ed Carlo Arafiles – our thanks to both of these members!

Finally, please don’t forget to watch GMCLA, a host of major celebrities, and important LGBTQ organizations and voices, in the LA Pride 50th Anniversary Virtual Celebration this Saturday evening 8-11pm on ABC-7 apps and Hulu.

GMCLA wishes you a wonderful culmination of Pride Month and a safe and enjoyable July 4th holiday weekend coming up!


Lou Spisto Executive Director & Producer

Ernest H. Harrison Music Director & Conductor


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