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Tour helps create a GSA in Box Elder County

itgetsbetter Tour Inspires Box Elder County GSA #gmcla #itgetsbettertour

GMCLA’s it gets better national tour receives all kinds of fan mail after each visit to a new community. This one is from PFLAG board member Laurie E., who was inspired by recent our Ogden, UT visit. It was especially touching, so we thought we’d share:

“I wanted to give your organization a huge congratulations for a very specific effect they are having on a specific community in Utah. Here is the story. When your traveling troupe of “It gets Better” was in Ogden last month, they held a Q & A after the performance. Those of us in the audience started talking about GSAs and specifically resources in our area. A woman and her daughter from rural Brigham City had recently applied for a GSA, but were being stonewalled. I am a board member of PFLAG and with the help of countless allies in several counties and professional support from the ACLU and other organizations, a grassroots effort took shape. Long story short . . the Box Elder county school board met last night and paved the way for the GSA. Please read the whole heartwarming story here. If your group had not been in town to foster community dialogue, I never would have met Sharon and her daughters. Now there will be a GSA in Box Elder county, home of the highest rate of teen suicide in the state. Please share this with the entire troupe who came to Ogden for the entire week. They just changed the world (or a little slice of it)! Congratulations.”


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